Got shaky hands?

The Steadi-One may be right for you!

An aid to your shaky hands so you can go about your daily activities comfortably & easily.
What our customers say


After trying the Steadi-one glove, John said:

"Just the ability to pick up a drink now and not spill it all over the place. It's just remarkable. It's hard to put it into words"

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Our product

Designed for activities of daily living

Write, grip, and perform tasks

Steadi-One Glove

Steadi-one Glove

Premium, soft, cotton for all day comfort with a non-binding wrist glove for a long-lasting fit. Comes in a range of sizes.


It’s washer and dryer friendly


No charging. No hassle. Just wear it and go.


Adapts to any tremor level


Wear it all day long